Ukigumo Year Five

Here is my Ukigumo Japanese Maple as it travels through time.  This beautiful Acer palmatum has been with me for five years and it’s grown a lot.  This years photo shows it weighted down with raindrops and with partial variegation.  I recently read that variegation is influenced by cultural conditions and that the leaves will revert to plain green with too much fertilizer or too … Continue reading Ukigumo Year Five

Ukigumo, You’ve Been With Me Four Years!

Ukigumo.  People like this tree.  Wrong!  People LOVE this tree.  A Japanese Maple like no other.  A head turner.  An award winner.  A poem, a cloud, a welcome home.  Here is a small tree that shows off its unique foliage of green and pink and white with a soft spring glow.  Every time I drive home my tree is sitting in the driveway and it … Continue reading Ukigumo, You’ve Been With Me Four Years!

Ukigumo boo boo

Sometimes Japanese Maples need protection from the sun.  My Ukigumo of three years was exposed to the West facing hot afternoon sun.  It tried valiantly this summer to ignore that bright celestial sphere.  June and July were a breeze.  August came around and with hotter temperatures and desiccation the leaves began to show signs of scalding.  Brown patches appeared.  Fortunately damage was minimal and no … Continue reading Ukigumo boo boo

Three Years of Ukigumo

Here is my Japanese Maple ‘Ukigumo’ over the last three years.  This year it’s beginning to widen and lose that skinny-new-tree look.  I really like shapes that Japanese Maples create as they branch out and grow.  A design that only a tree can imagine.  The variegation is increasing as well, I love the color this spring, so light and bright and just like the namesake … Continue reading Three Years of Ukigumo