Springtime Japanese Maples

I love the beautiful contrasting color on a Coral Bark Japanese Maple, especially in the spring.  This one I have in a container and the bright new growth is a perfect contrast for the glowing red bark.  Do you have a favorite Japanese Maple?  Ukigumo for me! I love the delicate and narrow leaves on this maple Koto No Ito, which translates to ‘harp strings’ in … Continue reading Springtime Japanese Maples

Three Years of Ukigumo

Here is my Japanese Maple ‘Ukigumo’ over the last three years.  This year it’s beginning to widen and lose that skinny-new-tree look.  I really like shapes that Japanese Maples create as they branch out and grow.  A design that only a tree can imagine.  The variegation is increasing as well, I love the color this spring, so light and bright and just like the namesake … Continue reading Three Years of Ukigumo

Japanese Maples—Omure yama

Another beautiful tree named after a mountain, Omure yama has several advantages.  Young plants are upright, but as the tree matures the branches become pendulous and somewhat resemble a weeping willow.  This creates a cascading effect as the tree grows up to 16 feet in height and spreads 13-16 feet.  The leaves are deeply divided with seven lobes and deeply divided margins, green in summer … Continue reading Japanese Maples—Omure yama

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

If winter is a plain old c-scale on the piano, then the coral bark Japanese Maple is a vibrant jazzy number that shoots and shouts.  It gets your attention and takes your notice, especially now when surrounded by a dull winter-scape.  Also known as ‘Sango kaku’ (coral tower in Japanese) this variety of Acer palmatum is an outstanding specimen tree that has upright growth to 25 feet … Continue reading Coral Bark Japanese Maple