Lewisia Sunset Group

This little Lewisia was blooming in my garden last month.  Named after the intrepid explorer of Lewis and Clarke fame, it’s a beauty.  The colors are warm tones of orange, yellow and pink.  This is yummy color.  Eye candy.  Loveliness to behold.  I imagine that it tastes like honey butter with a little bit of raspberry tangerine syrup and sparkling with beams of sunshine.  It’s pretty tough too.  I brought home some four inch pots nine months ago and just stuck them in a larger pot.  Not planted, just waiting.  They seem to like this position, under a Japanese Maple.  Good drainage, part sun, tight space and mostly ignored.  This spring they bloomed for weeks and appear to be going strong.   I’m looking forward to finding a permanent space for this sweet alpine Lewisia.

Just the Facts
Lewisia cotyledon  ‘Sunset Group’
Full sun to part shade
4-8″ Hi 12″ Wide (15cm x 30cm)
Blooms May-June
Needs good drainage

Lewisia 'Sunset Group'
Lewisia ‘Sunset Group’


4 thoughts on “Lewisia Sunset Group

  1. I love these, even though they never seem to flower for long in my garden and have never survived a winter. Good luck with yours!

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