Happy Birthday Dove Tree

Walking under the Dove tree in full bloom is my favorite birthday present.  On May 16th a trip to the arboretum was in order and I was not disappointed as in days past.  We hurried down the trail, glancing over the shrubs, admiring magnolias, lingering on the laburnum for moments, but not until we reached Davidia involucrata did we stop and sigh.  It was the middle of May and this incredible tree was in full bloom.  Showing off it’s waving white bracts.  They covered the ground, they danced around our faces and over our heads.  We paused and enjoyed.  It felt good to just stop and look around.  It seems I’m always rushing somewhere, always going.  But this day we stopped.  We looked up.  We smiled and gazed.  Why does staring at trees feel so good?  Just being near it made me happy.  Everyone should have a tree for their birthday, what’s yours?

I love the leaf of Davidia involucrata.  Michael Dirr says it best:  “alternate, simple, broad-ovate, acuminate, cordate, dentate-serrate with acuminate teeth, strongly veined, glabrous above, densely silky-pubescent beneath, vivid green’!  If you’re not into botanical babble, just believe me….it’s pretty.

Just the Facts
Davidia involucrata The Dove Tree
Size 20-40 ft. (6-12m) High and Wide
Hardy to zone 6
Slow to medium growth Rate
Deciduous, Blooms white bracts in May
Prefers light shade

Dove Tree in June

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