Happy Birthday Dove Tree

Walking under the Dove tree in full bloom is my favorite birthday present.  On May 16th a trip to the arboretum was in order and I was not disappointed as in days past.  We hurried down the trail, glancing over the shrubs, admiring magnolias, lingering on the laburnum for moments, but not until we reached Davidia involucrata did we stop and sigh.  It was the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Dove Tree

Davidia involucrata—The Dove Tree

We saw this amazing tree today at the Washington Park Arboretum.  I stopped by with one thought in mind—find Davidia involucrata, the Dove Tree or the Handkerchief Tree.  I knew that it flowered in the spring or summer and wanted to witness this wondrous sight.  We entered the visitors center and straight away asked where to find the Dove tree.  The receptionist disappeared into a back room … Continue reading Davidia involucrata—The Dove Tree