Iseli Nursery

I had the long awaited opportunity to visit Iseli Nursery in Oregon this week.  It was incredible!  The attention to detail and design of the display garden was impressive with its collection of rare and beautiful conifers.  The texture, color and movement created with these wonderful plants will turn you into a conifer lover quickly, without one look back at those broadleaf angiosperms.  I was … Continue reading Iseli Nursery

VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Today I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful VanDusen Botanical gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s only a few hours north of my home in Washington and what a great collection of plants! Here are a few preliminary pictures from this wonderful garden, including our botanical hero, Carl Linneaus, Calamagrostis and flying squid, and something I’ve wanted to see for a long time, the … Continue reading VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Scenes From Colombia, or, What Are These South American Plants???

My son is serving a two year mission in Colombia, South America,  and I have succeeded in having a few plant pictures sent my way. The first scene is a view of Bogota, maybe that’s a trumpet vine in the foreground?  A broadleaf  tree with big pendulous red flowers.  Any ideas?  The next is a view of Bucaramanga, I especially like the leaves framing the … Continue reading Scenes From Colombia, or, What Are These South American Plants???

The Ninth Day of Christmas—Dancing Plants

On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing.   Just as people can dance and move, certain plants possess rhythm and music in their movements.  When a breeze sweeps by they may swing and sway.  Some have a pattern and repetition just like the steps in a dance.  Other plants seem to be decked out in costume, lighting … Continue reading The Ninth Day of Christmas—Dancing Plants