VanDusen Botanical Gardens

Today I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful VanDusen Botanical gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s only a few hours north of my home in Washington and what a great collection of plants! Here are a few preliminary pictures from this wonderful garden, including our botanical hero, Carl Linneaus, Calamagrostis and flying squid, and something I’ve wanted to see for a long time, the variegated kiwi vine! What’s your favorite botanical garden? So many plants, so little time!








4 thoughts on “VanDusen Botanical Gardens

  1. Botanical gardens are always a surprise to me, as they show plants in a different light. Love those succulents you photographed!

  2. Yes, love that squid! The Sequoiadendron and the Agaves are pretty cool, too. We just got one of those variegated kiwis…it’s so interesting the way the variegation is so erratic – as if someone spilled paint on it! Nice photo essay.

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