Light-O-Day Hydrangea


Even though plant lovers crave green, they are always intrigued with the absence of green.  The outer white streaks on the leaves of this Hydrangea macrophylla look like pure white ice cream on a hot summer day.  It’s a refreshing contrast, similar to the beautiful variegation of the Japanese Maple Ukigumo. This lacecap hydrangea will accent any planting.  The outer ring of flowers are white and the inner blooms will be pink or blue depending on soil type.  Some of the reading I did state that it blooms on old and new wood like an Endless Summer hydrangea, but I haven’t observed this yet.  Also, even though it can take full sun, it will need plenty of water to keep this hydrangea hydrated.  Little pruning is required, keep the old wood for next years flowers.  Height and width are both 3-5 feet  with a rounded shape and Light -O-Day grows best in zones  5-9.  Happy hydrangeas!

One thought on “Light-O-Day Hydrangea

  1. Love this plant ( light o day ) hydrangea , however, she stopped flowering, it’s been years. She’s very large, keeps growing beautiful varigated leafs but no flowers.

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