Rhubarb Spray for Garden Pests

I like it when we use plants to help plants.  I am quite positive that all of our problems can be solved with plants.  Hungry?  Eat a plant.  Sick?  Medicinal plants.  Feeling blue?  Smell a rose.  Need fresh air?  Plant a tree.  The list goes on and on….but, here is an ingenious recipe from the book Great Garden Formulas by Benjamin and Martin editors.  Apparently it works for fungal diseases as well as pests like aphids and June bugs.  Rhubarb leaves are toxic, containing poisonous substances like oxalic acid.  Remember, it’s the stalk that’s edible.  I can’t wait to try it, here is the recipe:

1/2 cup rhubarb leaves (about 6) cut up
3 quarts water
Pot (for boiling)
Pump spray bottle

1. Cut or tear leaves into small pieces.
2. Place leaves in water and bring to a boil.
3. Steep the leaves for at least an hour, better overnight.
4. Strain the solution through cheesecloth or sieve and pour into a spray bottle.
5. Use at the first sign of disease or pest.


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