It’s Hip to Have Catnip

I brought home a catnip plant for the garden yesterday. It didn’t even make it out of the driveway unscathed. Our cat practically pounced on it, knocked it over, rolled on it, rubbed against it and nibbled and chewed. An hour later the neighbor’s cat was rolling around our driveway. The above photo is what made it to the garden. And now, 24 hours later, … Continue reading It’s Hip to Have Catnip

Frosted Curls Sedge

This grass is clumpy cool.  Cool because this picture was taken on a frosty, frozen morning.  Clumpy because it’s not bumpy, just smooth and clumpy.  Any plant that looks this good in December is on my list.  My good plant list.  The happy list.  (Are you curious about my bad plant list? Here’s a teaser….Photinia…I scowl at you every time we meet!)  Carex comans or … Continue reading Frosted Curls Sedge

Outstanding Annuals—Gerbera Daisy

This big, bright daisy comes in a wide range of colors: pink, purple, red, orange or yellow.  It looks great going solo in a container, as well as in a mixed border.  Watch out for slugs.  This invertebrate nemesis took chunky bites out of my Gerbera, leaving it frayed and torn. I trimmed off a few leaves, deadheaded and a few weeks later it’s as … Continue reading Outstanding Annuals—Gerbera Daisy