Congo Cockatoo Impatiens

Impatiens niamniamensis ‘Congo Cockatoo’ is also referred to as the parrot plant and is a tropical plant that can be grown as an annual here in the Pacific Northwest, or indoors as a houseplant.  I have mine out for the summer, and eagerly look forward to having it share our home during the cold months.  The flowers appear as little hooked beaks of fire red and yellow, blooming from May to frost.  It can grow to 20″ tall in a season with a thick succulent trunk.  Water regularly and provide part to full shade for this impatiens to thrive.  To read comments on growing this plant, check out this site on Dave’s Garden:

Curvy flowers
Impatiens n. 'congo cockatoo'

6 thoughts on “Congo Cockatoo Impatiens

  1. I live in Scotland UK and have just bought one and am not sure how to manage it. I do not want to loose it by not caring for it properly so would be grateful if somebody could perhaps e-mail me if possible with a tip or two.

    1. It’s a beautiful plant. Give it part sun and fertilize during the spring and summer. If kept inside, make sure not to over-water. Sometimes plants thrive on neglect! Good luck.

      1. thank you very much. was not sure about watering or what feed to give them. would any plant food be alright for them or something special.

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