Outstanding Annuals—Gerbera Daisy

Gerber Daisy

This big, bright daisy comes in a wide range of colors: pink, purple, red, orange or yellow.  It looks great going solo in a container, as well as in a mixed border.  Watch out for slugs.  This invertebrate nemesis took chunky bites out of my Gerbera, leaving it frayed and torn. I trimmed off a few leaves, deadheaded and a few weeks later it’s as good as new.  Sluggo, my new best friend.  Gerbera Daisies grow well in sunshine, heat and well-drained soil.  Plants reach up to 18 inches and produce numerous blooms all summer.  The flowers have lots of petals, so you will have to be patient to find out if ‘he loves me‘ or ‘he loves me not‘.  I believe it bears a slight resemblance to the predatory sunflower star, found off our Pacific Coast.  What do you think?

Sunflower Star

2 thoughts on “Outstanding Annuals—Gerbera Daisy

  1. A friend brought me a Gerbera as a houseplant. It was pretty sad until I put it outside where it has been blooming up a storm. I have hesitated to put it in the ground, however, due to the voracious (and giant) slugs that inhabit my boarders!

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