Roses Before and After Deathly Cold/Wet Spring

Trouble was brewing this spring when it appeared that all of my roses were going down.  Down the river of diseases to the spot called black.  Treading dangerously through aphid alley.  But a miracle has occurred.  The leaves once thin and yellow now have become glossy and green.  Showy.  A beautiful backdrop for the 48 buds that are currently on my Julia Child Floribunda Rose.  My rather humble plant has produced  48 buds that are just now opening into fully petaled flowers of the most delicious yellow.  They begin a canary golden color and transform with time into a creamy lemon meringue.  Dreamy.  The sun has come out and roses are blooming!

2 thoughts on “Roses Before and After Deathly Cold/Wet Spring

  1. I love Julia Child too, it is healthy and fragrant and blooms a lot. Great choice, and I am glad it is doing better now. It certainly looks great.

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