Great Plant Picks 2012

Great Plant Picks for the Pacific Northwest

I like a party with a theme and the theme this year is shady.  Made in the Shade is the title of the 2012 list from Great Plant Picks.  Produced by the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, a new set of hardy and reliable plants are recommended each year for the maritime Pacific Northwest.  Currently there are over 800 plants on this exceptional list.   Made in the Shade follows Fun in the Sun from last year.  The photos on this beautiful poster are outstanding and it’s easy to just stare and drool.  I usually grab a free one at the Northwest Flower and Garden show, which is fast approaching.  These lists make it easy to find the right plant for many situations (dry shade, gold foliage, small trees) with the knowledge and confidence that it can be successful  in our Northwest gardens.

This year a few of the chosen ones are the Red Lace Leaf Maple, Coast Trillium, Yellow Fawn Lily, Japanese Painted Fern, Umbrella Bamboo and European Wild Ginger.  103  total plants that will add style, color and beauty to your shade garden.  See the complete list at

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