We Can Grow Anything in Washington!

All dressed up and nowhere to go!
Woolen Sunshine

Here in Western Washington we are professionals.  We have a rare form of magic horticulture. We can grow anything.  With our perfect maritime climate and and lovely sun that’s always shining (above the clouds) anything is possible. We grow trees.  And we  grow clothes for our trees.  Socks and mittens to cover the cold winter wood. It takes a special type of fertilizer.  A mixture of blood, sweat and tears.  We shake our fists at the sky and cry….where are you sun???  We collapse to the damp earth……we can’t take the darkness anymore.  As our tears sink into the soil, something sprouts.  It grows in warm, sunny shades.  It reaches up and covers the cool, smooth tree trunks. Warming all of us.  Giving us a cozy feeling.  We wished for the sun and it grew, in Redmond, Washington.

8 thoughts on “We Can Grow Anything in Washington!

    1. Our city, Sammamish, had four large trees that were cut down at about 20 feet. A few local artists covered them with these ‘tree socks’ and it created quite the controversy. Some loved it, some hated it and finally they were removed and donated to Seattle. I think the tree socks look much better on living trees, those ugly 20 foot stumps were cut down and most people breathed a sigh of relief.

  1. Hi! My wife is on the steering committee for the Sammamish Community Garden (think P-Patch) to break ground at Beaver Lake Park hopefully this year. The City is a having an Earth Day event at Beaver Lake Park (last year’s was quite fun), and they would like to include a garden speaker to give a talk and be available to answer general gardening questions and vegetable gardening questions in particular. We thought of you first! I doubt that there is any budget for honorarium or speaker’s fee, but since you are local, expert, AND associated with a local independent nursery, we thought it might be a great opportunity to promote your blog and the Gray Barn. You can get in touch with me on my blog or with my wife at hers: foodiepatootie.com. We hope you’ll do it! Best, Calvin

  2. This is amazing! (I found your blog through Jeff Foltice’s photography blog). What a wonderful way to take the gloom off a long, Pacific Northwest winter. 🙂 (We don’t have that problem here in the desert…although, I find myself pining for clouds now and then).

    Great shot.


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