Ukigumo Japanese Maple


‘I think that I shall never see a thing as lovely as a tree.’

With leaves of cream and pink and green, Japanese Maples are often seen.

The reason being they have beauty all, winter, spring, summer, fall.

Ukigumo translates ‘floating clouds’ and when I see them I’m often loud.

Exclaiming at their grace and size of eight feet tall and six feet wide.

Happiness grows in pot or ground, in zones 6-8 Ukigumo is found.

Which makes them perfect for our lovely NW spot, at the Gray Barn Nursery they can be bought.

The highly divided, five-lobed leaves, have an outstanding variegation, like sun through sieve.

In Japanese variegation is called ‘Fu’, which means dots, mottles and specks to me and you.

My own dear tree grows well in sun, but semi-shade can protect this one.

The roots are shallow so mulch is wise, to prevent drying and freezing in a weather surprise.

If moisture changes are extreme, summer leaf drop will be seen.

Prune when dormant to improve, shape and size; dead wood remove.

Remember that until years five or six, colors can change and seem to mix.

Foliage produced on older wood, will look just like the variegation should.

Spring is here and maples shine, lighting our yards with colors of time.

Sharing secrets, joy and truth, to you and I they give us youth.

They wave to us in every land, ‘And all the trees shall clap their hands’.

Ukigumo Japanese Maple


PP   This flowering cherry is named after the highest mountain in Japan.

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