Iseli Nursery

I had the long awaited opportunity to visit Iseli Nursery in Oregon this week.  It was incredible!  The attention to detail and design of the display garden was impressive with its collection of rare and beautiful conifers.  The texture, color and movement created with these wonderful plants will turn you into a conifer lover quickly, without one look back at those broadleaf angiosperms.  I was … Continue reading Iseli Nursery

Korean Fir ‘Silberlocke’

Silver in the garden is something special.  In our society it’s gold that wins first place, but in the world of gardens I think silver takes the prize.  This Korean Fir, like others, has needles with silvery undersides.  However, unlike other firs, the needles on this tree turn upward, showing off the soft, glistening foliage and giving it the appearance that it’s been dusted with … Continue reading Korean Fir ‘Silberlocke’