Korean Fir ‘Silberlocke’

Upturned Silvery Needles

Silver in the garden is something special.  In our society it’s gold that wins first place, but in the world of gardens I think silver takes the prize.  This Korean Fir, like others, has needles with silvery undersides.  However, unlike other firs, the needles on this tree turn upward, showing off the soft, glistening foliage and giving it the appearance that it’s been dusted with snow.  Silberlocke has beautiful color, but another reward is that this slow growing tree only reaches 12-15 feet tall, very handy in the home garden.  Slow growing refers to plants that grow less than 12 inches a year.  Sometimes called Horstman’s fir, it was named after Gunter Horstmann who discovered it in Germany.  Grows in zones 5-8 and performs best in full sun.  The upright cones are steely blue and add yet another dimension to this tree.  Try an I-Spy game in your neighborhood.  Have you seen any Silberlocke Korean Firs lately?

Korean Fir 'Silberlocke'

4 thoughts on “Korean Fir ‘Silberlocke’

  1. I am in zone 4 just bought one, if I plant it in my yard that is protected by tall cedar hedges and will wrap it in winter what do you think
    Location North of Montreal Canada

    1. I think it will make it! Let’s just hope for a few not too harsh winters until it gets established, then it should be okay. Keep me posted! I love this tree!

  2. I am Zone 5 and have never had to cover……located in a south facing garden that receives a lot of cold dry wind.

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