I Beg Your Pardon, I Love My Rose Garden

This year I committed to really taking care of my roses. I weeded, watered well, added compost, added organic fertilizer regularly and monitored pests. It’s been a good year for roses. The first flush of blooms was in June and it was glorious. I felt like my friends who had been away all winter had returned for a summer party. I enjoyed their colors the … Continue reading I Beg Your Pardon, I Love My Rose Garden

Outdoor Space

Today at the 2018 Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle I saw beautiful spaces, drifts of flowering plants and gardens I would love to hang out in. The designers worked really hard planning and building these amazing outdoor spaces. This one in particular offered peace and tranquility to anyone walking by. It was designed by Redwood Builders and showcased some incredible bonsai trees and … Continue reading Outdoor Space