The snow came to life today in Driggs, Idaho. Frosty cats were gazing out the window, crisp potted plants were blooming on a shelf and a snowy dragon laughed as it clutched a magic crystal sphere, keeping its secrets deep inside. But what kind of secrets would a snow dragon hold? The spark inside this dragon could erupt into flame, melting all the sculptures into puddles of slushy snowflakes. The crystal sphere clutched in its grasp possibly contained all the jewels of the gem state. Sparkling sapphires blue as the winter sky, gleaming opals that flash both fire and ice, luminous star garnets in deep purple and red, and agates, jasper and chalcedony to keep the spark alive. Snowy dragon secrets. Walking through these snowscapes was delightful. Imagining how so many tiny snow crystals could be transformed into living art was incredible. It was a beautiful way to get through the long dark cold winter days. Plants continue to grow in January, even those made of snow!

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