Deer Resistant Plants

Deer inhabit almost every part of the American continent. They are adaptable and may change their feeding preferences over time. During times of hunger, deer will eat almost any plant to survive. Following is a list of plants that are usually deer, and rabbit, resistant. Annuals Alyssum Alyssum Calendula Calendula offininalis Dusty Miller Senecio cineriaria Floss Flower Ageratum houstonianum Lemon grass Cymbopogon citratus Licorice Plant … Continue reading Deer Resistant Plants

Japanese Maples…Deer Candy in Sammamish

Recently I watched as this deer tore off big bites of these luscious Japanese Maple leaves.  Freshly unfolded this spring, they were green and tender, just like a new spring salad.  Our small Washington city of Sammamish, home to almost 46,000 people, is surrounded by green.  We residents of the Northwest love/hate our green.  We demand that it stays, even though we continually try to fill … Continue reading Japanese Maples…Deer Candy in Sammamish

It’s Hip to Have Catnip

I brought home a catnip plant for the garden yesterday. It didn’t even make it out of the driveway unscathed. Our cat practically pounced on it, knocked it over, rolled on it, rubbed against it and nibbled and chewed. An hour later the neighbor’s cat was rolling around our driveway. The above photo is what made it to the garden. And now, 24 hours later, … Continue reading It’s Hip to Have Catnip

Blame it on the Cold, Wet Spring…

It’s human nature to pass the blame along.  No one  wants to be responsible when mistakes are made, things go wrong and problems ensue.  It must be part of our genetic makeup to point our fingers at someone or something else.  For instance, gardeners are always blaming the weather.  Especially this year in the Pacific Northwest.  The last three springs have been cooler and wetter … Continue reading Blame it on the Cold, Wet Spring…

Caterpillar Attack

These caterpillars had already devoured half the leaves on my young crabapples when I finally discovered them.  How could they be missed?  Fat, spotted and making no attempt at disguise, they were busily on their way to butterflies.  It’s interesting that they don’t eat the leaf veins, as you can see the skeleton on the left.  Why bite into tough veins when surrounded by succulent … Continue reading Caterpillar Attack