Fresh New Growth—Yum!

  Today as I was admiring the fresh new growth on my Japanese Maple and saw something disturbing.   The buds were just breaking open with our warming April weather, unfurling delicious colors that were vibrant with life.  It must have been a signal to the Japanese Maple-eating pests, the dinner bell was ringing!  There were little black dots all over these new leaves. Black … Continue reading Fresh New Growth—Yum!

Aphidius matricariae–A Beneficial Bug

This is an amazing solution to a plant problem.  Big fat hungry aphids are gobbling away on the plants, sucking and deforming the leaves and getting out of control.  This little parasitic wasp is released and is attracted to the aphid colonies immediately.  It begins to lay its eggs inside of aphids and will attack 200-300 aphids in the next week.  Yes, parasitism is slightly … Continue reading Aphidius matricariae–A Beneficial Bug

Magical Hypericum

So the sun has finally stopped shining in the great Northwest and the rain has begun to fall.  Nothing is better than that first night of rainfall, when the window is open and the noise of dropping, dripping water comes gushing in.  I forgot how loud the rain is. Soothing is the sound after three months of drought.  If you like amazing pictures of our … Continue reading Magical Hypericum

How To Get Stung By a Wasp or The Problem of Liking Plants Too Much

When you like plants too much, you think about their pollination. You worry about the bee problem, and not having enough pollinators. You look at the beautiful blooms and flowers and smile every time you see a happy buzzing bee doing it’s work. They go about their job, I go about my job and a peaceful coexistence is reached. There is a trust between us. … Continue reading How To Get Stung By a Wasp or The Problem of Liking Plants Too Much