Are there Hebes in the Shire?

I visited Palmer’s garden center in Miramar today and was overjoyed to see so many Hebes! Small leaf, large leaf, purple and green leaf, what a great variety. I wanted to pack them up and take them home with me and see what they think of Washington. My guess is they would love it in the Northwest.

 I did find something I could purchase…packets of New Zealand native plant seeds. I am so excited to try them and see how they grow. One of them is a hebe, along with the silver fern, a cabbage tree, the Mt Cook Lily and more. It will be a fun experiment. I was surprised today while driving along Scorching Bay, to see this curious sign:  

Little blue penguins live here on the North Island! I didn’t see any, but it was fun to come across that sign. Luckily we didn’t get lost today, even though I had to ‘drive on the left, look to the right’. It must have been that great road map we found at the Roxy Theater.  

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