New Zealand Nursery

The nursery in New Zealand was so familiar and yet so far away.  This summer I stepped off a plane from a sunny Washington summer into a cool and windy New Zealand winter. It was a surreal experience to not only change time zones but also to change seasons. I felt like I had fallen back in time to March.  One of my first stops was the local garden center in Wellington. They had a beautiful shop well stocked with gifts and seeds and tools and fertilizer and indoor plants.  The first display I saw was filled with winter Daphne. Then I moved on to see rhododendrons, pansies and camellias.  I was delighted to see so many plants that were familiar to me.  It’s fun to realize that many plants growing here in the NW corner of the United States do just as well on the other side of the world.  Yet there were also plants at the nursery that I rarely see here at home.  Exotic names like Leucadendron, Pseudopanax, Griselinia, Metrosideros were introducing themselves and I was having fun learning the new language. The conifer section was tiny and I was surprised at the number of broadleaf evergreens, in the nursery as well as all over town. The hebe selection was fabulous and I loved seeing so many varieties. Prices seemed quite reasonable, especially with the exchange being 1 New Zealand dollar equal to about .7 US dollars.  It made shopping a lot easier! My purchase was a Daphne for my brothers garden, as he needed something special. I also bought some New Zealand Native seeds, but they are not germinating very well. I’m hoping to grow some of these beautiful NZ natives in my garden, I hope I can find the right match.


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