Chihuly Garden and Glass

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The Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle is beautiful and rare.  The colors, the delicate lines and the immense size of some sculptures captivated me from the beginning.  Dale Chihuly is a Northwest native and has created pieces of art on display worldwide.  I especially liked the outdoor garden, with the complementary plantings and design.  It showcased creative pairings of sculptures and plants.  Who would have thought to put the lowly pansy, so common, next to a highly prized Chihuly glass sculpture?  The colors of the plants created a harmonious effect next to the glass, so similar, yet so different.  An unforgettable experience, I encourage everyone to go!

4 thoughts on “Chihuly Garden and Glass

  1. Some of the glass sculptures are so life-like, I think they have just grown out of the ground with those curves and stunning colors. They remind me of plants!

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