The Seventh Day of Christmas—Bright White Plants

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Seven Swans a Swimming.    These swans remind me of beautiful white plants.  Plants that are elegant and royal, like the Mallorn tree, the  treasured elven tree  described by JRR Tolkien.   “Its bark was silver and smooth, and its boughs somewhat upswept after the manner of the beech; but it never grew save with a single trunk.  Its leaves, like those of the beech but greater, were pale green above and beneath were silver, glistering in the sun; in the autumn they did not fall, but turned to pale gold.  In the spring it bore golden blossom in clusters like a cherry, which bloomed on during the summer; and as soon as the flowers opened the leaves fell, so that through spring and summer a grove of malinorni was carpeted and roofed with gold, but its pillars were of grey silver.  Its fruit was a nut with a silver shale.”   Unfortunately, no Mallorn was available for the photo gallery, but I found a few fair plants that ‘glister’ in their own right.

6 thoughts on “The Seventh Day of Christmas—Bright White Plants

  1. Beautiful plants there. I also have Snowdrops in my garden and love the splash of life they give to the sometimes miserable winter garden.

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