Felco Pruners Will Change Your Life

Do you have a tool that you just can’t live without?  Something that’s part of you?  Almost an extension of your body?  For me it’s the felco pruners.  Reading about Felco Pruners, I had to agree with the sales advertising:

Felco pruners will change your life:   Yes, they changed my life forever, till death do us part!

Felco pruners are world famous:  There’s probably a pair in the Egyptian pyramids and at the Sydney Opera house.

Once you’ve tried a Felco pruner there is no going back:  Who would want to go back to the old, inferior $7 pair?

It will become a family heirloom:  Yes, I will teach my children the good news of the felcos.

Felco garden tools are the top of the line:   They are the best!

Smooth, tight action:  Yes!

Quality you can feel: Definitely!

Awesome cutting power and precision:  Always!

Incredibly durable pruners:  I use them every day, every week, all year long at work.

My favorite felcos, my dear number 8’s , I love you!

Felco Pruners #8

2 thoughts on “Felco Pruners Will Change Your Life

  1. I highly doubt that the egyptian pharaoes and royalty would choose to be buried with garden pruners over their other items of wealth and status. But good post regardless.

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