Inside-out Flower

An unusual native plant, Vancouveria hexandra, the inside-out flower, has a fascinating bloom.  It’s inside-out,  opposite, turned around and backwards.  Nature has played a curious trick.  Instead of blooming away from the stem, it appears to bloom towards the stem.  Another common name for this plant is duck’s foot, after the three-lobed leaves.  This deciduous perennial grows in moist or dry locations, but prefers the understory, making it perfect for the woodland or shade garden.  It reaches about 1 foot in height and spreads by rhizomes, taking the job as groundcover.  Inside-out flowers bloom from late spring to early summer.  This plant resembles its close relative, Epimedium.  To dig deeper into the world of native plants, check out these two fantastic sites: Washington Native Plant Society and Northwest Native Plant Guide, and then go on a hike!

Inside-out Flower

2 thoughts on “Inside-out Flower

  1. I love our delicate native woodland plants. A season or so from now, when my ‘bones’ and moss garden are more established, it’s going to be time to start “decorating” my foresty clearing with Vancouveria, Trillium, and False Solomon’s Seal–very pretty, and love the photo!

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