Witchhazel ‘Arnold Promise’

Witchhazel  ‘Arnold Promise’     Hamamelis x intermedia

The seasons of time turn, and changes come and pass, leaving memories of summer, even in the frost of January.  Those memories of warm summer days are never forgotten with a witchhazel plant.  In the middle of snow and ice the winter seems to fade when the witchhazel blooms bright yellow and orange.  The highly fragrant scent is sharp, strong and bright.  Hard to describe, yet hard to forget.  The wide leaves follow in the spring creating an arching shrub up 8 to 10 feet tall and wide.  Autumn turns this plant a striking yellow, orange and red, but the leaves dropped quickly this year, probably due to one of our torrential downpours.  Witchhazel likes the sun, but can be planted in partial shade.  I planted mine under a Deodar Cedar and it’s doing well.  This plant is disease resistant and easy to grow in USDA zones 6-9.  Remember to water regularly during our dry summers and add compost to enrich the soil and ensure good drainage.  Check out a beautiful selection of witchhazels at the Washington Park Arboretum’s Winter Garden (http://depts.washington.edu/wpa/index.htm).  The witchhazel plant is a great choice for the garden during the turning of all the seasons, and it will leave a lasting memory for all ages.

Witchhazel blooming January 2011

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