Bloomerang Lilac

Watching a lilac bloom in August is exciting.  It’s usually  a spring thing, but now the show is  going longer.  It’s joining the club of other re-blooming plants:  roses, azaleas and weigela.  It produces flowers in spring and then again in mid-summer until frost.  It reaches about 4 feet tall and wide and is also deer resistant.    Grow in full sun for the best flowering.  A beautiful plant for late summer color!

20130802-212046.jpg 20130802-212005.jpg

3 thoughts on “Bloomerang Lilac

  1. I am also in Zone 8 so I planted a Bloomerang Lilac this spring; hoping to increase the number of lilacs in my garden. I am anxious to see it progress and bloom next spring. I am not sure what to expect so I appreciated the post.

    1. You will definitely have to tell me how they grow and what the bloom is like in the fall. At the nursery we are all but sold out of Bloomerang now that they are in their second bloom. The scent is light, but it’s still the same lovely lilac perfume that everyone loves. All the best with your Bloomerang!

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