Best of the Test Garden, from Organic Gardening Magazine

I’ve enjoyed this great magazine for a long time.  It’s always loaded with advice on growing vegetables and plants and has helped me become a better gardener.  What is organic gardening?  Not using synthetic products for pesticides and fertilizers.  Focusing on soil building and natural pest control.  It’s all about compost and ladybugs!  Here is Organic Gardening’s top ten list from the 2010 test gardens, located across the United States.  To read more about these favorites, visit  I challenge you to try something new this year!

‘Cavili’ Zucchini

‘Beananza’ Green Bean

‘Sea of Red’ Leaf Lettuce

‘Dakota Tears’ Onion

‘Double Zahara Fire’ Zinnia

‘Red Pearl’ Cherry Tomato

‘Pinot Noir’ Bell Pepper

‘Moonsong Deep Orange’ Marigold

‘Aton’ Basil

‘Bitonto’ Cherry Tomato

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