Book Review—When Perennials Bloom by Tomasz Anisko

In this book I finally found an answer to my question ‘Why do some trees bloom so early?’  Early spring is a hard time, when the wind and the snow keep trying to disturb those beautiful spring flowers.  In When Perennials Bloom—An Almanac For Planning and Planting (2008),  Tomasz Anisko states “Blooming may be timed so the flowers are more visible to the pollinators.  In forests, … Continue reading Book Review—When Perennials Bloom by Tomasz Anisko

Pink Penstemon

This pretty herbaceous perennial is floppy in my garden.  The pink tubular flowers are trying their best to show off from their horizontal view and the bees don’t seem to mind in the least.  Flower colors of penstemon come in white, yellow, pink and purple.  Height is between 8-24 inches and width 10-12 inches.  Bloom time is now (Spring and summer).   Grow  “Beard Tongue” … Continue reading Pink Penstemon


The Canary Islands, native home of echium Some things don’t work out.  Growing Echium in Sammamish.  New Years resolutions.  Life.  The lava mouse.  Echium pininana is a brilliant plant, but difficult here in the Northwest.  A biennial, it produces a flower spike in it’s second year up to 18 feet tall.  This tower of small blue flowers will suck any gardener into a bee-buzzed trance. … Continue reading Echium