Happy Birthday Dove Tree

Walking under the Dove tree in full bloom is my favorite birthday present.  On May 16th a trip to the arboretum was in order and I was not disappointed as in days past.  We hurried down the trail, glancing over the shrubs, admiring magnolias, lingering on the laburnum for moments, but not until we reached Davidia involucrata did we stop and sigh.  It was the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Dove Tree

A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden

Of all the gardens at the 2013 Northwest Flower and Garden Show, A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden was my favorite.  No fancy paths, patios, staircases or dining sets, it was all about plants.  Finally, order in the universe!  There was one cute little hobbit house, but even it’s roof was made of plants.  I like how everything was tied together with moss and ferns and … Continue reading A Hobbit’s New Zealand Garden

Daphne, the Lilac of Winter

Daphne is the lilac of  winter.  An unassuming shrub in foliage and form, yet unsurpassed in fragrance.  A fragrance in February is not forgotten.  A fragrance of flowers and bees, of sunshine and smiles, a fresh, floral, flowery feast.   With insects in short supply during the cold winter months, Daphne seeks them out with its potent scent.  To ensure pollination, it produces a potion … Continue reading Daphne, the Lilac of Winter

The Redbud Tree

This beautiful tree showed up at the nursery and didn’t stay long.  Forest Pansy Redbud has colorful purple leaves that emerge in spring, fading to green as summer goes on.  The heart-shaped leaves would be enough to sell this plant, but the bright pink flowers that grow directly from the stems and trunk make this plant quite amazing.  Cercis canadensis is the Redbud tree native to … Continue reading The Redbud Tree

Everyone Needs a Tree

Everyone needs a tree to call their own.  Trees are all around us, but have you ever picked a favorite?  One special tree to watch through the seasons.  To photograph and spy on?  It’s like posing with a member of the family.  A tall member, with really good hair.  Trees are fun.  We walk among them and find shade under their branches.   We hug … Continue reading Everyone Needs a Tree