Wild Swan Anemone

Wild Swan Anemone is like a graceful dancer in delicate shades of creamy white and pale lavender.  With so many fall colors of vibrant orange, yellow and pink, it’s refreshing to have a performer in soft white  twirl across the stage.  Winner of the 2011 Plant of the Year award at the Chelsea Flower Show, Wild Swan grows in zones 6-8 in part shade to … Continue reading Wild Swan Anemone

Pink Zazzle

I saw this flower at the FarWest Show in Portland last month and had to stop and stare.  I had never seen anything like it .  The bright pink flowers are spectacular, especially with that fuzzy green foliage.  Growing in zones 9-11 it’s an annual here in the Pacific Northwest, but who cares, I want one!  It’s described as very floriferous and reblooming for 2-3 … Continue reading Pink Zazzle

New Plant! Hakonechloa macra ‘Fubuki’

This new Japanese Forest Grass might cause a ‘snowstorm’ sensation in your garden.  ‘Fubuki’ means snowstorm in Japanese.  The leaves contrast white and green, with pink appearing in the fall.  Propagated at Briggs Nursery, this clumping grass is more compact than ‘Aureola’ from which it is a sport.  Hakonechloa is a slow growing deciduous grass with graceful arching leaves.  Native to Japan it grows on … Continue reading New Plant! Hakonechloa macra ‘Fubuki’