Wild Swan Anemone

Wild Swan

Wild Swan Anemone is like a graceful dancer in delicate shades of creamy white and pale lavender.  With so many fall colors of vibrant orange, yellow and pink, it’s refreshing to have a performer in soft white  twirl across the stage.  Winner of the 2011 Plant of the Year award at the Chelsea Flower Show, Wild Swan grows in zones 6-8 in part shade to sun.  It is a prolific bloomer, going from June until frost and makes a great cutting flower.  The word anemone means ‘daughter of the wind’ giving this plant its common name of windflower.  A beautiful dancer in the wind.

4 thoughts on “Wild Swan Anemone

  1. Lovely. I don’t know what sort my Japanese Anemone is, but it has been blooming since July and is so pretty even though it tends to fall over if it gets rained on.

  2. This is beautiful and I’m not familiar w this plant. Is it like a Japanese anemone or more like the anemone from the bulb form? If it grows in zone 6, I could get it! I wonder if there are some mail orders that have it?

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