New Variety—Scarlet Torch Bottlebrush




I love the foliage on this bottlebrush shrub.  It’s almost between a conifer and a deciduous plant, smooth and shiny green. And evergreen.  I like it and I didn’t even get to see the beautiful flowers, which are crimson red and larger than other varieties. This plant is sold by Monrovia and grows in zones 8-11. It’s compact and grows eight feet high and 10 feet wide.  Also, it is said to be non-drooping.  I don’t know what’s wrong with a little droop now and then, but I guess too much droop is a sign of weakness.  ‘Stand up straight young plant and we’ll sell 5000 of you this spring, become droopy and it’s off to the half price lot for you!’  Little pruning is required to keep it’s dense form and it is tolerant of poor and rocky soils.  This genus is native to Australia.

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