Snowbell Song


Last week the blossoms were just opening on the Snowbell tree, or Styrax japonica.  The bees were humming through the air, the sun was sparkling….it was a glorious day!  I was so excited to immerse myself in in the world of  the snowbell tree, so I tried to capture the moment with this video.  My novice video-taking skills leave much to be desired, but I think the tree still stands out during this perfect time.  It was the perfect time too, for the next day I walked by and many of the flowers had already faded and fallen to the earth.  One day they were fresh and creamy white and the next they were tired and finished.  I’ll never forget my first encounter with a snowbell tree when I moved to Washington State.  I had never had the opportunity to meet one before, because the timing has to be just right. On this day I was walking through my neighborhood taking my daughter to school.  We had just walked below the canopy of a leafy green deciduous tree and I happened to look up.  I was surrounded by bells!  By snowbells!  Thousands of beautiful bright blossoms were dancing all around me! It was a joyful experience and from then on I would say that one place I could always find happiness was under a snowbell tree in June.  And yet the moment is so fleeting and that’s the way it is with many plants, and sometimes people too.  The timing has to be just right to see them at their very best.  So pay attention!


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