6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

    1. Yes, I was startled when I saw this beautiful witchhazel (love this plant!) in bloom. It might be stressed from lack of water after our dry summer. Or maybe it’s jealous of the profusion of blooms from the nearby rudbeckia? It’s a mystery!

  1. HA! Working in the heating business and being a habitual (obsessive?) gardener, I am hyper aware of the weather. Any weather that I don’t directly and immediately remember, I have detailed records going back decades. So it is always interesting when people tell me about the weather: “It was the coldest day of the year,” “the worst winter EVER,” or the startling number of people who have recently told me that this is ‘The nicest summer we have had in YEARS!’ Umm, we had near-record rains in June, with temperatures far below seasonal average with massive thunderstorms until the last of July August has been nice, but now we have settled into a marine pattern with fall-like overnight temperatures. If PEOPLE can’t remember what the weather was like a month ago, there is no way a plant can. Poor Hamemelis. It is confused.

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