Autumn Flowering Cherry

“If I had the money I would plant a trillion of these trees!!!!”  While I was reading about Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ I came across this quote and it made me smile.  Not a hundred, not even a million, nor would a billion be enough, but a trillion flowering cherry trees.  That’s the number 1 followed by 12 zeros.  Would the earth be big enough to hold a trillion trees?  I don’t know, but I love their enthusiasm for this beautiful plant.

The first spring flower

I first noticed this tree at the nursery in the fall when it was indeed putting forth a few blossoms out of season.  I was amazed that a flowering cherry could produce little puffs of color in the fall, going against the  norm.  When all the other flowering cherries were getting cozy and preparing to go dormant, the Autumn Flowering Cherry was making blossoms.  ‘Hey, let’s keep the party going, let’s call up some bees and we can really have some fun!’   Still living in spring when in reality summer was fading away.  That was two years ago.  This past year I looked and looked for a fall flower, but alas, there were none.  It was too cool apparently, as the brief blossoms of autumn only occur when the temperatures are warm enough.  But it seems to have been saving up, because now at the beginning of March these young trees are loaded with flower buds, as you can see in this photo.  One blossom has opened and the colors are so refreshing and clear.  If it were a drink I could have a sip and be satisfied for a year.  Like a cool glass of water on a hot day.  Soft pinks and brilliant whites.  I can’t wait until all the buds break open, I might not get any work done because I’ll be hanging around that cherry tree all day.

Just the Facts
Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’     Autumn Blooming Higan Cherry
Zones: 5-8
Height: 25-35 feet
Width: 25-35 feet
Flowers: semi-double pink
Shape:  Multiple trunk, upright branches, rounded canopy
Growth Rate:  Fast when young, slower with age (like the rest of us)

Autumnalis all dressed up for spring

6 thoughts on “Autumn Flowering Cherry

  1. A beautiful plant! My apple tree has just about produced it’s shoots, so it’ll be a least a month and a half before I get any blossom.

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  3. oh, please, change your font color to black or your background color from light green to dark green – cannot read your posts

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