February Planting

I planted a small area today for a client who needed color in front of her boxwood hedge.  New plants are just starting to arrive at the nurseries, so it’s a good time to refresh a container or just put something new in the ground.   Perennials are preferred, but annuals can be indispensable for color and cost.  I chose ‘Rosemary’ Hellebore for the evergreen, thick leaves and abundance of pink blossoms now.  Next choice was Lirope muscari ‘variegata’ for a bright spot against the dark green hedge.  I  like this evergreen plant for the variegation and the purple flowers which grow on stalks in August-September.  For a pink spring bloomer I love the thick reddish leaves of Bergenia ‘Bressingham Ruby’ (just out of the picture on the left). None of these perennials will disappear for the winter, they all keep their leaves, not afraid to face the frost.  Leftover from Fall is a purple ornamental  cabbage, not yet eaten by the rabbits.  Primroses, planted in groups of three, add a little sparkle, let’s hope the slugs don’t notice them for a while.  I repeated this grouping (minus the hellebore) five times along the hedge to make a bright welcome for the homeowners.

Winter Color

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