The Humble Hellebore, Winter’s Undiscovered Flower

Hellebores may seem exotic and so they are, being native across Europe and Asia. Yet many of these flowers have been hybridized here in the United States by places such as Northwest Garden Nursery in Oregon.  This is a fantastic perennial.  Blooming during the dark days of winter/spring, they are dazzling with their colors and blooms.  I read that many people don’t know about this plant because … Continue reading The Humble Hellebore, Winter’s Undiscovered Flower

February Planting

I planted a small area today for a client who needed color in front of her boxwood hedge.  New plants are just starting to arrive at the nurseries, so it’s a good time to refresh a container or just put something new in the ground.   Perennials are preferred, but annuals can be indispensable for color and cost.  I chose ‘Rosemary’ Hellebore for the evergreen, thick … Continue reading February Planting