Good Reads at the Local Library

So many books, so little time!

During the continuous and chill days of January, what  better activity than a trip to the library?  The King County Library System here in the Seattle area is fantastic.  They have an extensive collection of gardening books available from all over the county.  I love going there every few weeks to browse the shelves and find a precious publication to take home.   Look what our friend Falaroy found…The Western Garden book, Shrubs and Vines, even Perennials!  I could spend the day here, reading and contemplating all things green.  Besides, Falaroy might need help turning the pages.

8 thoughts on “Good Reads at the Local Library

  1. I am guessing this is a public library. I think they’re a wondeful service! Toronto has some great libraries too. I go to my neighborhood public library for recipe books all the time! Too bad fewer and fewer people seem to be reading 😦

    1. Yes, this is a public library. I love the cook book section too. I just checked out Food Nanny today and made the Potato-Ham Casserole. It was cheesy good!

  2. I love my public library, have a few books in my bedside drawer saving for a rainy day but in the meantime borrowing books on gardening and sci fi – loosely related passions. The shade book below looks interesting, and i love the knitted decorations in the post below that.

    1. Tell me what good sci-fi you’ve read lately….I like it, but more fantasy. I’m reading The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, I’ll be blogging about it soon!

  3. I’ve discovered Neal Stephenson – cyberpunk – hard to get into but once in, horrendously hard to put down. I’ve blogged about a few others. don’t know Rothfuss, look forward to the blog post.

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