Grunge Elf

Falaroy the elf entered the Northwest Flower and Garden Show with trepidation.  He was drawn towards the gardens, but wary of the theme…music.  How would this be represented?  His elven ears were sensitive to human strumming and drumming and pounding that was always present in their world.  When you can hear the flute-like melody of the flowers, the rhythmic concert of the grasses and the … Continue reading Grunge Elf

Good Reads at the Local Library

During the continuous and chill days of January, what  better activity than a trip to the library?  The King County Library System here in the Seattle area is fantastic.  They have an extensive collection of gardening books available from all over the county.  I love going there every few weeks to browse the shelves and find a precious publication to take home.   Look what … Continue reading Good Reads at the Local Library

An Elf in the Onions

Falaroy the elf discovered a small patch of vegetables still growing in December, after the seeds were planted in May.  Allium all around!  He knew this must be a powerful plant to survive through freezing temperatures, multitudinous slugs and an onslaught of weeds and fallen leaves.  He’s going to cut a few leaves to store in his belt pouch.  They might be handy to season … Continue reading An Elf in the Onions

The Botanical Journey of Falaroy

Embarking on botanical adventures.  Mascot to rainyleaf blog.  Magical and mysterious is Falaroy the elf.  From Schleich action figures, here is his story:  “Falaroy is a proud young elf.  Falaroy rides like the wind. Despite his youth, hardly anyone can match him in horsemanship and elegance. Except maybe Feya who likes to challenge this noble elf to riding competitions. Secretly though, she admires him for … Continue reading The Botanical Journey of Falaroy