Grunge Elf

The melancholy and wild spirit of an elf

Falaroy the elf entered the Northwest Flower and Garden Show with trepidation.  He was drawn towards the gardens, but wary of the theme…music.  How would this be represented?  His elven ears were sensitive to human strumming and drumming and pounding that was always present in their world.  When you can hear the flute-like melody of the flowers, the rhythmic concert of the grasses and the symphony in the trees, it was hard to appreciate anything else.  So with hesitation Falaroy looked through the displays.  Where was the music?  There were a few water drops cleverly falling on drums.  A piano in the distance produced a fairly tolerable Canon in D.  A harp began to play and the plants approved.  He could see them opening their stomata, allowing for the exchange of gases, water vapor and sound waves.  That’s when Falaroy noticed a change of style.  The sweeping curve, the raw element of stone and the emotion of music, unheard.  It was the Grunge Garden, designed by Adam Gorski Landscapes, Inc.   He wondered at the words:  “grunge changed the style of music for the whole country….weeping plants show the melancholy and wild spirit….bright colors in plantings portray boldness”  He felt the sounds  and the chords and the harmony in the movement of the weeping fir Picea abies ‘Pendula’ and the weeping larch Larix decidua ‘Pendula’.  Larch and fir, he had found a comfortable place.  It was both quiet and loud at the same time.  Moving and still.  They must have borrowed a bit of magic from the elves.

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