The Botanical Journey of Falaroy

Embarking on botanical adventures.  Mascot to rainyleaf blog.  Magical and mysterious is Falaroy the elf.  From Schleich action figures, here is his story:  “Falaroy is a proud young elf.  Falaroy rides like the wind. Despite his youth, hardly anyone can match him in horsemanship and elegance. Except maybe Feya who likes to challenge this noble elf to riding competitions. Secretly though, she admires him for his courage and determination.   Soon, however, Falaroy must embark on a long journey by himself and survive many perils.”

And so begins the tour through thorny shrubs, towering trees and soft fields of moss.  Falaroy will help discover plants from an elf perspective.  Small, yet fleet of foot.  Courageous, not scared of the dark horsetail wilderness, he will see things from a new point of view and we just might learn something from him.  Here he is picking his way through the quince bramble.  Chaenomeles!  He almost got run through with those nasty spikes.  They would by handy for a dagger, or maybe a toothpick if he were bigger.  This is definitely a useful plant for creating a tangled barrier and holding back the dark forces (dogs, deer, neighbors, black elves).  And for energy whilst on this botanical journey, the apple-like quince fruit will keep him going until his next discovery.

Traveling through the thorny quince forest

3 thoughts on “The Botanical Journey of Falaroy

  1. Dear Elaine, I adore this story and the idea of seeing the garden from an elf point of view. He’s such a brave courageous elf and I can’t wait to get the next instalment of his journey. And the snow’s nice because it’s very hot here. cheers, catmint

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed writing about my elf, but afterwards I thought “that was really dumb, what was I thinking?” But, I’m having fun, so onward I go….

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