Help! What is this Strange Plant Sculpture?


I bought this amazing piece of botany at an estate sale, but I have not been able to identify what type of plant it is.  I want to know where in the world this funky plant grows and what is the name of this alien species.  Any ideas???  Please respond, and if you don’t know, just make something up!

8 thoughts on “Help! What is this Strange Plant Sculpture?

  1. They look like the seed pods of the rare pearl blossom tree that grows in the tropical forests at the North Pole! The pods hold one seed only that looks like a pearl and the flowers droop down like white chains of pearls. 😉 (What do you mean, of course there are tropical forests up there, they just haven’t been explored yet!)

  2. For the sake of the record I think you’re looking at the seed “nuts” of our Aussie native, Hakea platysperma. Oh yes, if not as large as cricket balls they are certainly are as hard, yet heat will open them or a determined black cocky to access the two tasty seeds inside.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for this plant identification!!! I’ve had this sculpture for over two years and have never figured it out. It’s on my desk at work and every so often someone notices it and can’t even begin to place it. Some people don’t even know it’s a plant! I just became acquainted with Banksia when I was in New Zealand, which reminds me of this Hakea. I am so excited I’m going to put a sign on my Hakea tomorrow. Thanks again!!!

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