Outstanding Annuals—Heliotrope


This is a plant that is hard to pass by without a short stop to inhale the sweet aroma.  It’s also called the Cherry Pie Plant, but the scent of heliotrope always reminds me of vanilla.  Let’s just say that something good is baking in the kitchen when this flower blooms.  I like to plant it next to Chocolate Cosmos, then I have both chocolate and vanilla, yum!  The dark purple flowers contrast well with the slightly wrinkled lance shaped dark green leaves.  Height is between 8-24 inches and width is up to 24″ to create a nice mounding plant, good for borders, containers or hanging baskets.  Heliotrope grows best in full sun with well drained soil rich in organic matter and can be brought in as a houseplant for the winter.  Pinch the tips to encourage bushing out.   The word heliotrope means  ‘turns to the sun’.  I think I’m a heliotrope too.  Another must have for your garden!

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