Dazzling Deck Containers

Mix and Match to create a personalized container for deck or patio.

For Height:  Monterey Cypress, Hinoki Cypress, Japanese Maple, Camellia, Daphne ‘Summer Ice’, Bamboo, Grasses, Flax, Yucca, Clematis, Yew, Boxwood, Holly, Standard Azalea, Cryptomeria, Lavender, Dwarf Alberta Spruce

For Color and Filler:  Skimmia, Dwarf Rhododendron, Wintergreen, Grasses, Geranium, Cosmos, Pansies, Hellebore, Dahlia, Impatiens, Campanula, Alyssum, Lobelia, Ferns, Herbs

For Trailing:  Ivy, Periwinkle, Nasturtium, Million Bells, Petunia, Sweet Potato Vine, Ivy Geranium, Bacopa

These are just a few of the possibilities.  Remember to contrast color and leaf shape to create interest.

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