Amaryllis Again

So you heard my thoughts, the amaryllis’ thoughts, here are some thoughts from Ciscoe on encouraging the amaryllis bulb to rebloom (from his book Ask Ciscoe, published in 2007).  He says the blooms will usually occur in March, not at Christmastime like the first round.   After blooming, cut off the spent flower stalk, then water and fertilize with a soluble house plant fertilizer until August.   Around mid-August stop watering to force dormancy.  Place the pot in a cool, dry place for at least eight weeks and allow to dry out completely.  Amaryllis won’t bloom again unless they experience eight weeks of total dormancy.  After this remove the offsets on the bulb to encourage a large single bulb, which is more likely to bloom.  Repot, leaving the top 1/3 of the bulb above soil level.  Water lightly until growth begins.  If only leaves appear, the plant didn’t store enough energy to produce a flower, so try again for the next year!

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