Seattle Temple

In May of 2019 I began volunteering on the grounds of the Seattle Temple. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I’ve often visited the Seattle Temple and admired the beautiful and extensive gardens surrounding it. It wasn’t until I saw a job posting for a groundskeeper that the idea entered my mind to volunteer. My application was accepted … Continue reading Seattle Temple

Pruning Roses: A short list.

A short primer on pruning hybrid tea and floribunda roses. 1.  Remove dead wood by cutting 1/2 ” below the dead wood.   Dead tissue can spread into living wood. 2. Prune out diseased portions. 3. Remove rootstock suckers. Dig to root and remove from there, not at ground level. 4. Cut above an outward facing bud, at an angle. 5. Remove canes thinner than … Continue reading Pruning Roses: A short list.